where feathers come from

Rabbits and Bunnies

Toy Dogs

mange cage

I think its actually a marketing strategy to mistreat animals like this. If they make them look miserable in poor conditions, they sell more product, as people will buy these "purebreds" to give them a better home. 
Also cuts down on overhead.

Im not a PETA member or anything... but its physically painful and emotionally exhausting to walk through this part of the market. Not fun. Not cute. 

Thai Dance Hands Extravaganza!

If you pull your fingers back twice a day, everyday, for 30 minutes, for 8 years, 
you can have thai dance hands too! 
Hands courtesy of Kun Fatpenquin.

Jobs. Work. SOI COWBOY.

Are we having fun yet?

second hand teeth.

production line

something for everyone, kind of. 

phone sex operators in thailand.

structure colors

Mommy, where do condoms come from?



                            A balcony view of the tourist ghetto side street. Soi Rambuttri.

Klai Kai KHai Kaie

Thai Language has tounge twisters too. One of them sounds something like "Krai Kai Khai Kaie" which 
means "who sells chicken eggs"

waste of space

bangkok arts and culture center. 
I wonder if this is some sort of commentary on the whole market of "gem scams", or if this is just cute. 

remotes and islands